About Condition B Removal

To help you make this transition, Arrow Heavy Vehicle Training has designed a course which will provide the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to prepare you for the Condition B Removal test.

Upon successful completion of this course, all candidates who pass the test will have the Condition B removed from their licence and will be certified to drive a heavy vehicle that has auto, synchromesh or constant mesh transmission.


Condition B Removal Requirements

In order to apply for this course, all candidates are required to obtain either

  • Heavy Rigid (HR) Licence, or
  • Heavy Combination (HC) License

We ask all the candidates to bring the necessary paperwork on their first day to prove that they meet the requirements. Furthermore, all course attendees are obliged to arrive in fully enclosed shoes, adequate and comfortable enough for driving.

Safe Drivers Safe Roads

Arrow Heavy Vehicle Training was established with a mission to help make the Australian roads a safer place. All our heavy vehicle courses are designed with the goal to provide newbie and experienced drivers with the skillset required to drive any heavy vehicle with a high degree of confidence.

To achieve this, we made sure that all of our instructors are certified and experienced; they dedicated their lives to transferring their knowledge through a hands-on approach. We employ only the people who proved to be both professional and friendly, in such a way creating a safe and comfortable learning environment for all candidates. Our instructors are local – they are aware of the greatest challenges a heavy vehicle driver can encounter on the road and will teach you how to overcome them once you are on your own on the road.

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Why Train With Us?

Furthermore, we carefully chose all coursebooks to make sure they contain all state-required elements, as well as additional topics that we deem are important for the course attendees to master. We want you to receive answers to all the questions you may have prior to the test so feel free to consult with your driving instructor if you find anything confusing.

Finally, we believe that all this theoretical knowledge will not suffice if it is not supported by practical training. For this reason, we have equipped ourselves with the best-in-class vehicles that you use to practice before hitting the road on your own. On your last day, we want you to feel confident sitting behind the wheel even without the instructor watching your every move from the passenger seat.

Interested in getting a Condition B Removal?

Contact us right away to find out more about the course – start date, duration and specific requirements, and we’ll see what we can do to start your training as soon as possible!