Who Can Apply for the LR Licence Course

Holders of LR licence in NSW are allowed to tow a trainer with maximum GVM recommended by the motor vehicle manufacturer and that is specified in the Road Traffic Vehicle Regulation 2014.

All drivers can strive to obtain a light rigid licence, regardless of whether they are experienced heavy vehicle drivers or not. Here at Arrow Heavy Vehicle Training, we have designed our course to teach you the essentials of driving different types of heavy vehicles so that anyone who has a car licence and at least 12 months of driving experience can apply and pass with flying colours.

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About the LR Licence Course

Arrow Heavy Vehicle Training has created this course with all drivers in mind – both heavy vehicle drivers and holders of C class drivers licence (ie. people who only have experience driving an average passenger car with up to 5 passengers, including the driver).

Considering, all our course materials are written to contain the most important information about driving heavy vehicles. Our instructors are trained to start from the basics, if necessary, and guide you on your way to mastering some of the most challenging road situations in which a holder of an LR licence in NSW can find themselves. They will be at your disposal to answer any questions you may have so that once you are on your own, you have the necessary knowledge and skills in your body to cope with any tricky road situation you encounter.

LR Licence NSW Requirements

In order to apply for this particular course, candidates are required to provide documentation that they have:

  • Obtained the C class licence for at least one year before the official course start date

We ask all candidates to arrive on their first day in fully enclosed shoes that they feel are comfortable for driving. We insist on this measure of precaution in order to make all driving classes that you take with Arrow Heavy Vehicle instructors as efficient as possible.

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Why Train With Us

Arrow Heavy Vehicle Training has years of experience working in the industry. We understand just how difficult and stressful it can be for first-time heavy vehicle drivers to cope with maneuvering larger vehicles. Considering, we make sure that we welcome you with a positive and friendly, but professional attitude so that you would feel comfortable learning new driving skills. We want to be a part of of your success story – Arrow Heavy Vehicle Training is at your service to help you acquire a light rigid licence and open up new career opportunities.

Feel like you are ready to take up this course?

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