About the Safe Load Program

With that in mind, our Safe Load Program was designed to cover content related to:

  • Legislation
  • Work health and safety procedures necessary for the driver
  • Bulk loading procedures the driver needs to familiarise with so that they could complete their duties correctly and efficiently
  • Terminal safety rules

And many other points we believe the driver should keep in mind as a responsible holder of the Safe Load Pass. At Arrow Heavy Vehicle Training, we teach the courses on our premises because we feel that the in-person approach is the most effective one.

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Passing the Safe Load Program Course

Upon the successful completion of the course, the candidates will receive the necessary information to move on to the terminal assessment. Only after they pass this final part will they be considered qualified to receive a Safe Load Pass which they need in order to apply for a job.

Safe load program training.

Safe Load Program Requirements

To enrol in our course, you are obliged to:

  • Obtain a Dangerous Goods Bulk Drivers Licence
  • Arrange the terminal assessment (which will be done at the end of the course)

On the first day, candidates must present the paperwork which clearly states that they meet the requirements. Furthermore, they are expected to arrive in fully enclosed shoes.

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Why Enrol In Our Course?

Arrow Heavy Vehicle Training has been teaching generations of newbie and experienced heavy vehicle drivers for years. Since the establishment, our mission has been delivering knowledge and skills that are necessary to drive some of the largest and hardest to maneuver vehicles that you can find on Australian roads. We continue to diversify our list of courses and programs so that we can teach you anything you wish to know and help you obtain a license that will enable you to apply for a job you’ve been aiming for.

All our courses are designed in accordance with the state standards and we create and choose the materials and vehicles that we use carefully. As a result, our candidates can rest assured the knowledge and the skills that they gain at Arrow Heavy Vehicle Training will provide them with the confidence you need to obtain the Safe Load Pass.

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